Different Angles of Youth

  Steinmarder juv. Martes foina Skull study in red chalk and graphite of a juvenile stone marten. 21,0cm x 29,7cm each. Done while preserving/ natural history museum, Leipzig. The masticatory muscles were rudimentary… Continue reading

Wo nächtlich Winde wehen Vernissage

Impressions of our vernissage “Wo nächtlich Winde wehen” at BeuteltierArt Galerie, Leipzig, opened and performed by Nebelreich-Projekt. Our work will be visible ’til 13th december.

November Days – Part II

Wo eisig nächtlich’ Winde schneiden empfindet Seel’ verborgenes Leiden vorherrschende Trauer tief in mir die gefrorene Nacht trägt Schmerz zur Zier Last preparations for “Wo nächtlich Winde wehen” at BeuteltierArt Galerie. See you… Continue reading

Searching For The Cold – WIP #2

“Strat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus.” “Die Rose von einst steht nur noch als Name, uns bleiben nur nackte Namen.” The ancient rose remains by its name, naked names are all we… Continue reading

ERA 25

  Era 25 Digital camera

November Days

Next exhibitions are coming in november.

»Die Jagd nach dem Feuer« at WohnKultur

This monolith of pages and narrative is now available at WohnKultur, Wittenberg. Great to see it there at last. The edition is limited.

WEITE den BLICK Exhibition WohnKultur Wittenberg

Some impressions of our opening of “WEITE den BLICK”, poetic performance of Nebelreich-Project and artistic vernissage. Until 30th november you can find our photographs at WohnKultur, Wittenberg.

Bearded Vulture – Claw

  Bearded Vulture – Claw Gypaetus barbatus 2019 21,0cm x 29,7cm Graphite Claw of a Bearded Vulture. Drawn from life (or better say death) at the natural history museum, leipzig.

Wo Nächtlich Winde Wehen – BeuteltierArt Galerie, Leipzig

Part Two of our exhibition travel. We are performing at BeuteltierArt in Leipzig from the 15th of november until the 13th of december. Vernissage at 7 o’clock with Markus Digwa and Martin Greier,… Continue reading

Die Schwarze Linie – Pfingstgeflüster 2019 Feature

Exhibition review of “Die Schwarze Linie” by Marcus Rietzsch – photographer, artist and publisher of Pfingstgeflüster, the annual magazine of the Wave Gothic Treffen. We appreciate the words that have been given to… Continue reading

Of Blood Red Forests

Art of The13th becomes poetic. With the Completion of the solo show »Schwarzes Tier« at Röskant Manufaktur Leipzig, there are no work hanging in public the first time since 2017. We are using… Continue reading

Aves II

More fast and elaborated sketches of bird races in between. Erect preparations, Natural history museum, Leipzig.

ERA 15

  Era 15 Digital camera

Die Mühle

Scroll down for English. Freud schrieb von Träumen als Verarbeitung unbewusster Prozesse, die uns mit Dingen konfrontieren, denen wir nicht wahrheitsgemäß entgegentreten und enthüllen, was uns unterschwellig beschäftigt. Innere Konflikte und Sehnsüchte. Das… Continue reading