“Andenkondor” aka “Picasso”
april 2o15 | 39,5cm x 54cm

Plate: zinc | november 2o13 – march 2o15
24cm x 36cm | etching

Allow me to introduce: Picasso, the andean condor. In the last month I worked a little bit at the background, what hasn’t brought me great changes. Thinking about scraping off the complete background, cut the plate or working with more details at the background, I decided to leave the plate alone for a while: as first experimental piece with a lot of surprising (positive and negative) effects, which schould be the basis for improvement.
Because of the beautiful materials and the opportunity to go into details, I plan more etching work in the future.

In cooperation with Dirk Richter and Alexander Hartmann.
This artwork will be part of a show at may 11. More information coming soon.