I’ve made some fotos of framed works, to give you a precise idea of their size and how they look in relation to something known. Away from scans, Close-Ups and numbers, up to reality.

Second thing is the frame itself: It’s something that has a more magical effect than passepartout. It gives the image stability, control and delimit it from other. Every work needs an individual frame, to get the maximum effect achieved. But it seems that only the “Old Masters” had some idea of this. To find some frames, perfectly fitting to your work in a world, dominated by assembly lines, seems impossible to me. I gave it up after an infinite number of visits of construction markets, furniture Stores, flea markets and a look in my purse. But I can imagine my work in such wonderful frames, when it lives on through my death and deserves handmade frames, no matter how expensive.

Art is created from more than we can see finally. The finished product is the only part we can make visible, but it’s uncomplete, if you don’t know the process of creating. I can’t leave an image as stand alone, at least the process was influenced by all of my senses. When I draw, I put the whole atmosphere in, which surrounded me at this moment. Smells, feelings, heard and seen things. An artwork consists of the music I heard, the nature I saw, the air I breathed. I love it to look at my finished lines and feel the atmosphere again, hear the music again and smell the same air again.