Vogelscheuche – WIP#2

This time more fotos of the same WIP-status. Because of the big size It’s not possible to show you the transition from sketched linework to the final parts and and a complete foto of  the current status, in one foto. So I took several close-up fotos of different sections, where you can see how the details evolved and one, that show you how much white turned into grey.

The big size allows me to create clear structures, although I use rough mines. For the cloth I’m using  a mechanical pencil with a 0,3mm mine for cross hatching (Part 1). For the feathers I combine 1,5cm graphite from 2B to 9B, pencils common width and mechanical pencil (Part 2). Beak and background are done with 2H-graphite smudged with a brush. Besides graphite I prefer a kneaded earaser as drawing tool.

The scarecrow is approximately finished yet, which was the most detailed part, but also the easiest. The next part will be the secnery. Coming soon.