Loner – WIP

I often get asked how I could draw such cruel, morbid and bad things. Dead stuff, dark figures, monsters. People come to me, frightened about this dark side and always asking me about my mental health. Everybody I give the opportunity to know me, wouldn’t ask me such things.
I can’t feel something “bad” by looking at these “monsters”. Can’t connect some emotions with them. I’ve never would say, that I draw “bad and cruel” stuff. I would say, I draw silence.
Each “monster” I created, is a shape. Has no life, no emotions. They’re just symbols, kind of metaphors, coming up from my subconscious and dreams or standing for things I find in my life. I feel save and calm surrounded by this “bad stuff”. It portraits aspects of this world, wich can’t get touched by the “real surreal” and lifted world our society created. The sincerest and most truthful structure is the circle of life and death. That I banned creatures in black and white – standing for transcience- on paper gives me the feeling of normality in this world. That there are some things which are real and constant.

Here is the next “monster” I’ve for you. Coming soon.