Leipziger Kunst Galerie

It’s been a year since I met the three artists of the Leipziger Kunst Galerie, so an introduction is long overdue.
Last november Martin Hermeling, Michael Schreckenberger and Sebastian Wildgrube ran a producer`s gallery at the Nikolaistraße, when I stumpled into them. In july they moved to Höfe am Brühl.
The Leipziger Kunst Galerie is showroom and atelier at the same time with works of the three artists, expanded by exhibitions and projects for example the upcoming Designer`s Open next week, the “Interkulturellen Wochen Leipzig” (this week), the Freiraumgalerie and the Wave Gothic Treffen- Exhibition at Pfingsten/whitsun.

Martin works with canvas screen printing, known for his “Denkchips” and his presentation of the modern society: a combination of painting and fotorealism, acrylics and photography, capturing easily known things in an expressive way of symbolism.
Michael is surrealist, mainly in painting und sculpture. He is known for his match, which goes through his clean worked and simple looking artworks like a red line, forming dream like sceneries with a lot of symbolism, standing for experiences and memories.
Sebastian is photographer of Lost Places, abandoned civilisation, capturing the beauty of decay and focusing of reconquest of the nature.

Currently 12 artists are using the rooms of the LKG to make a great project – as part of the Interkulturellen Wochen Leipzig – possible: “Eine Welt. Ein Bild” (One World. One picture) is a collaboration of 12 artists from 12 countries. Today Pablo Petek from argentina is painting his recognisable theme: The masked fish, a symbol for immigration and society in times of globalisation.
You can follow the process of creating of the 4,0m x 2,3m big picture as well as all the other works, the artists are working on at the gallery. (And if you’re already there: pay the Galerie Nord a visit as well. c:)

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