Wolks 1813

It was the decisive victory over Napoleon Bonaparte and his Grande Armée from the 16th to the 19th october near Leipzig, which gets recognition each year in Leipzig, Liebertwolkwitz, Markkleeberg and Dölitz. A highlight for me, a culture and history enthusiast, who has to wait the whole year to draw historic uniforms from life.
The opening today was much quieter than it’ll be during the actual fest, which will start tomorrow. So less visitors but more free sight at the soldiers and a quieter athmosphere to get in touch with the uniformed ones.

While a camera builds a barrier between the photographer and the photographed one – giving an unpleasant feeling of disturbance – an artist builds a bond to his motive, while still drawing the first line. As soon as I grab a pencil and sketchbook, the world changes around me and there were moments when I had the feeling I was the sight and the most interesting thing, surrounded by surprised, curious and pleasured people, talking about history, experiences in the field, Asisi and the reenactments. Not long and the news of the arrival of a drawer has quickly spread and prussian, french, bavariana and saxon soldiers want to get drawed. Our world has it’s own logic, where photographers are searching the attention of their motives and artists need privacy for creating. Although I never can feel bothered, only enriched.

I made a lot of photography as reference for drawing as well as fast scribbles of the partcipants.

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