Hinter Den Spiegeln II


Hinter Den Spiegeln II
November 2016
30cm x 40cm
acrylics on canvas on board
“What shall we use
To fill the empty spaces
Where we used to talk?
How shall I fill
The final places?
How should I complete the wall?”
Pink Floyd – “Empty Spaces”(1979)

This is an experimental piece, where I’m still searching for the perfect balance between imagination and reality.

I always try to draw people and surroundings from imagination. Sometimes it works as you can see in this painting and some sketches in the past, but not often enough. Since my first days at the zoo, I strive for realism without relying on reality, only on my head.
Earlier, drawing from imagination was the only thing I did, but I missed the realistic details, which can’t get the quality I wanted, when I reach the limits of my own imagination. I’ve learned to capture my surroundings with as little as possible. To fade out your imagination is like to amputate yourself. At first it was bland and limited, but it brought me a very differnt kind of fulfillemnt.
Working with reality shifted the focus of creating: the picture is already complete and there is no ‘creating’ anymore, just copying: it don’t have to grow anymore. It’s relaxation, that you don’t have to waste thoughts and energy in creating the work: it’s uncomplicated, but you also can’t lose yourself in details and turn off your thoughts. You have to focus on the already finished picture, which you copy.
Although I adore the details, all the facettes of our unique world, to capture them with my art is just a early stage up to my surreal work. Subconscious finds no room for development in realistic arts, when you only want to portray, what you can percieve with awareness. In my surrealistic works I unite both, draw what I percieve subconsciously as well as consciously.
Although this piece isn’t the ‘perfect’ copy of the reality, it’s a presentation of reality, that didn’t exists, only in my head. It got this effect, I always wished: real enough to be something known, but different and irrational in the same way, that you have the feeling, that something is wrong.

While looking at this spontaneous work, I think, I’m on the right path to create reality without reality.