Hinter den Spiegeln III

“What shall we use to fill the empty
spaces where waves of hunger roam.
Shall we set out across this sea of faces
in search of more and more applause?”

Pink Floyd – Empty Spaces

It’s about uniforms, guns, weapons. Such strong symbols of authority, discipline, protection and security, suppression and strength. There is disgust and a bondage that one tries to keep, just to have something that declares sense.
Supposed strengths that turn out to be weaknesses, carry at the same time a significance, but in retrospect reflect nothing but the senselessness of the past. Heroes and monsters as one mind, without the possibility of a way back, and the legacy, that calls for reclamation to save the meaninglessness of past events, to give them a meaning, after the witnesses escape into insignificance to reduce the burden.

“Wir sind Luft, wir sind nicht Erde…”
Merab Mamardaschwili

An attempt to meet all this.