New studio space, new label and the silent growth of Art of The13th. I’m happy to share the projects with you, which I started last year and involving you in their development. Huge cooperations and collabs are ready to get presented, coming work is in progress with a lot of work doing offline and with a lot of fun in their bureaucratic aspects. I want to show you just the beautiful looking results and the inspiring people behind it.

The portfolio will be enriched with graphic design for an upcoming merchandising label and artistic cooperations with artists and organisations. The journalistic work begun on the Pfingstgeflüster last year, will be continued in the next issue as well as online.
You’ll get informed about coming shows and events at this blog serperatly, but I can tease you extended artistic cooperations, which will find their presentation in local galleries. Solo projects, of which the first one will start next month, are in the making.

I’m glad to now officially announce the introduction of both profiles in the social networks and the beginning participation in Art of The13th within the communities. Aligned to followers, this website stays as a portfolio and blog in English and, if necessary, German. On Facebook (GER) and VK (RUS) a business presentation page awaits you, to keep you up to date on what’s coming and going. Network and (quick) information are in the foreground here, on WordPress you will continue to get the full insight into the work down to the deepest literary and documentary detail. More insight the philosophic basis of single artworks are in the making.

Despite many new things, the existing one remains. Work in progress of fine art and illustration as well as the tattoo portfolio, which will be updated soon. Timelapse videos will be extended from collaborative work to other projects as well.