Schwarzes Tier – Röskant Manufaktur Exihibition

EDIT: Extended until 31st July!

The black animal is up to mischief. It lurks and brings the tragedy that sees it.
Black is the color of the untouchable: it was considered as ominous, was a symbol of the unknown in us. But animals are not.
“Black Animal” – the foreign and known united as one.

Graphics under the title “Schwarzes Tier” are now hanging at the gallery of the Röskant Manufaktur, Leipzig. They are accessible from 1st march to 1st july during the opening hours. I hope you can enjoy them as well as the coffee.

Röskant Manufaktur
Hohe Straße 9, 04107 Leipzig

Opening hours: Tue 9am – 6pm |  Wed-Fr 1pm – 6pm | Sa 10am – 2pm