Of Blood Red Forests

Art of The13th becomes poetic.
With the Completion of the solo show »Schwarzes Tier« at Röskant Manufaktur Leipzig, there are no work hanging in public the first time since 2017. We are using the respite for our longlasting and extensive project, which contains a series of exhibitions – each single one different in appearance, implementation and arrangement. Graphics meets poetry, the visual meets the music.

Our cooperative artwork connects at a publication of lyrical work – words of change, of silence and agitation. Our pictures consist of music and book lines, our artworks tell stories. “Nebelreich” got a coat of book pages and the voice of its creator. Our implementation will become a performance, where drawings get expression in a voice, where the typewriter turns into a plektrum. We aspire to create something new with each appearance at special selected venues – places, which find their way into our conceptual art.

The first appointments are scheduled and will be announced with full information.

28.09.2019 | “WEITE den BLICK” // Wohnkultur, Wittenberg
15.11.2019 | “Wo Nächtlich Winde Wehen” // BeuteltierArt Galerie, Leipzig

More to come.