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Of the Living and the Dead

“We don’t live on this earth, but in our dreams, in our conversations. Because you need to add something to this ordinary life, in order to understand it. Even when you’re near death.”… Continue reading

WGT Ausstellung

Ereignisreich, arbeitsintensiv und anstrengend sind passende Worte für den enormen Arbeitsaufwand, der in so kurzer Zeit zu leisten war. Und gleichzeitig verging das Pfingstwochenende wie im Flug, mit einem bleibenden Eindruck eines Hochgefühls,… Continue reading

Wave Gotik Treffen – Exhibition

I got a call recently and the invitation to participate in a special exhibition on the occasion of the 26th Wave Gotik Treffen from the 2.6. to 5.6. I’m going to be at the… Continue reading

Inkwell at Musikhaus Korn

Some of our musician portraits are now available at Musikhaus Korn. Leipzig Zentrum Brühl 65 04109 Leipzig Mo-Fr: 10:00 – 18:30 Uhr | Sa: 10:00 – 16:00 Uhr Find our website at… Continue reading

Upcoming show at Musikhaus Korn

Testing some frames and passepartout at Leipziger Kunst Galerie. Our musician portraits of Art of Inkwell will be exhibited and for sale at Musikhaus Korn in the near future. More Info coming soon. Leipzig… Continue reading


Second easel, more brushes, new canvases and colours and another lamp. Happy Birthday me. It’s a lot to do now: Can’t wait to finish the book(illustrations) and going back to the big sizes… Continue reading

Waitin’ For The Corvids II

At the Inkwell Headquarters – Part II

“Вот и лето прошло, Словно и не бывало. На пригреве тепло. Только этого мало.” “So summer is gone, leaving no epitaph. It’s still warm in the sun, only that’s not enough.” Арсений Тарковский… Continue reading

Leipziger Kunst Galerie

It’s been a year since I met the three artists of the Leipziger Kunst Galerie, so an introduction is long overdue. Last november Martin Hermeling, Michael Schreckenberger and Sebastian Wildgrube ran a producer`s gallery… Continue reading

The Rose

“Stat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus.” Die Rose von einst steht nur noch als Name, uns bleiben nur nackte Namen. The ancient rose remains by its name, naked names are all we… Continue reading

Framed II

Art is created from more than we can see finally. The finished product is the only part we can make visible, but it’s uncomplete, if you don’t know the process of creating. I… Continue reading

Needles and Ink

Finally, after a lot of hurdles from the german bureaucracy I can go my way as aspiring tattoo artist. The internship two years ago was a spontaneous idea, which hadn’t been realized if my… Continue reading