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The Other Side of The Mirror II

“Ich laß in jedem Laut am Ende,In jedem Komma noch als SpurDie von der Arbeit müden HändeUnd alles, was mir widerfuhr.” Aresenij Tarkovsky “Auf der anderen Seite des Spiegels”

The Other Side of The Mirror

“Vielleicht ein Narrenunterfangen:Verderb nicht achtend und Gedeihn,Von jeder Zeile zu verlangen,Sie müsse unser Paßbild sein. Aresenij Tarkovsky “Auf der anderen Seite des Spiegels”

Three Dogs

29,7cm x 21,0cm each
Graphite, colour pencils, Rötel

Fox Study

Cat Anatomy

Portrait Sketch

No behind the scenes of current work. All in good time.

Dog Breeds Design Sketches

Three drafts for the final vector and as preliminary stage of further designs.

Different Angles of Youth

Dog study

  Dog study 2019 29,7cm x 21,0cm Graphite and Charcoal   “Andern zu leuchten, verbrenne ich.” – Vladimir Wyssozki “Aliis inserviendo consumor.” (Im Dienst für andere, verzehre ich mich.)  

Red Skull

  Red Skull 2018 11cm x 11cm Copic Marker

Catching the Fire

“[…] and I was alone, utterly alone, whenever I sought what was good. “ Lev Tolstoy – “My Confession” (1883)


For all the stolen trees in our lifes.

Stone Eyes

“Schwarz war’s, zuerst, es glänzte nur bei Nacht.” Das Lied der Nibelungen Remembering travels through landscapes, which I knew from old paintings, hanging besides trophies on stone walls in the halls of wood,… Continue reading

Black Hands (2023)

“I saw many children crying for their mother. Right from where the sleeves stopped, the skin fell from their arms and hands. So they walked around [stretching out his arms], almost like ghosts.… Continue reading


“Woe to you depraved souls! Bury Here and forever all hope of Paradise: I come to lead you to the other shore, Into eternal dark, into fire and ice.” Dante Alighieri – “La… Continue reading

Labyrinth II

“There’s a silence surrounding me, I can’t seem to think straight, I’ll sit in the corner, No one can bother me.” Pink Floyd – Keep Talking (1994)  


  Labyrinth 2017 19cm x 19cm Graphite   “Ne puet noier qui doit pendre.” (afz.) “Wer hängt, kann nicht ertrinken.” “Who hangs can not drown.” – Altes germanisch/romanisches Sprichwort. Old germanic/romance saying.

Plusieurs change/Sigma

Searching for faces, which can express those vanishing shapes in my dreams. I’m combining different characteristics, but had a lot of different people in the end. It is as if I had done… Continue reading