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Black Feathered – Tattoo-Designs

Finished two bigger tattoo-designs. Both are graphite on A3. Because I love looking at others sketches, I want to show you mine. For savety-reasons I won’t upload the scans.

Tattoo WIP

As child I loved the old books about the old germanic gods and heroes, the russian tales and legends. The Old German Writing was familiar than the simplified one, I learned at school… Continue reading

Birds & Compass

More Tattoo-exercises.

Magpie Tattoo

Long time no Tattoo-posts, so here is a magpie. Total time: 1 1/2 hours. Find the original photography here.

Skulls IV

I’ve summarized some more tattoo-exercises and integrated them into my skull-series. Bones are a good object to practice structure, shading and shape. I’m still experimenting with lining and shading to find a technique… Continue reading

Tattoo Eagle

Finished a second one and documented the progress a bit. You can see the sketch, I made with a tattoo pen (01), the lining (02) and the shading (03). At least I made… Continue reading

First Try – Tattoo Skull

The artificial skin arrived today, so that I finally can start to practice. Just choose the motive from my last post, sketched it with blue tattoo pen and started with the lines, which I did… Continue reading

Needles and Ink

Finally, after a lot of hurdles from the german bureaucracy I can go my way as aspiring tattoo artist. The internship two years ago was a spontaneous idea, which hadn’t been realized if my… Continue reading

Buddha & Koi Tattoo

Buddha & Koi Tattoo | Commission september 2o15 | 29,7cm x 42,0cm | graphite and polychromos

Tattoo Sketches

It’s a bit more than a year, since I found a new way of creativity in soundful rotarys, the smell of disinfectant, ink and blood. Time passes by, so here are some assorted sketches,… Continue reading

The Key

“The Key” – tattoo-design feb 15 | 14cm x 20cm | graphite on 190 g/cm³

Requiem Tattoo

“Requiem” – personal Tattoo-design. feb 15 | 21,0cm x 29,7cm | graphite Realized by: Seide. My first one. Holy shit.