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Anatomical studies – Video

Back home on a rainy day, I went through the files, sketches and sheets of paper, which accumulated. This video is a result of some work behind the scenes and implementation of ideas.… Continue reading


2023 endet die durch den Bund finanzierte Unterstützung des Deutschen Roten Kreuzes bei der Suche nach den Verschollenen des Zweiten Weltkrieges. Friedrich Nietzsche schrieb von einem nicht endenden Rad des Seins, welches sich… Continue reading

Mink Skull Anatomy – WIP

Anatomy of a mink skull is in the making.

ϱ – WIP

New on the easel. Sketched in red chalk then.

Tur. pil. – WIP

It has been my standard to document the process of a project for you, which I’m working on for some time – regardless of the reasons. I’m working on this wing study since… Continue reading

Searching For The Cold – WIP #2

“Strat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus.” “Die Rose von einst steht nur noch als Name, uns bleiben nur nackte Namen.” The ancient rose remains by its name, naked names are all we… Continue reading

Searching For The Cold – WIP

“[…] und er würde seine Schattenwelt für wahr, die wahre Welt aber für unwirklich halten.” – Platon, “Staat”, 7. Buch, Höhlengleichnis The sketch was done some time ago; with some interruptions I’m working… Continue reading

Sturm – WIP #2

“Gedenkt, wenn ihr von unseren Schwächen sprecht auch der finsteren Zeit, der ihr entronnen seid.” – Bertolt Brecht “An die Nachgeborenen”, 1934-38

Das Lied vom Schwarzen Fluss – The Song of Chernaya Rekha

Every time I enter a dialogue with another person, want to show them the access to a work, it is always a conjoint search for the entrance. It seems to be always somewhere… Continue reading

Sturm – WIP

Hund – WIP

New work in progress of a German Shepherd. Coming soon.

Nick Cave – WIP

Nick Cave again as part of the collaboration series, featuring musician portraits – this time on A3. I filmed the first 2-3 hours, to show you the process of the portrait drawing. He… Continue reading

Tier – WIP

Projects are getting bigger and work in progress becomes secret. So I’m skipping forward and give you a glimpse for the next year.

Schwarzer Fluss – WIP

  “The old folks called it ‘The Hour of the Wolf’. It’s the hour when most people die, when most children are born. Now is when nightmares come to us.” – Ingmar Bergman… Continue reading

Heave and Turn The World Around

Tom Waits for the project Inkwell – this time on A3. He will be finished by Inken.

Ta Eschata – WIP

Burning Dog XIII – WIP

  “Ich bin mein Himmel und meine Hölle.” – Friedrich Schiller  “Die Räuber” IV, 5/ Moor

Silentium – WIP #3

Can You Hear The Silence? – Teaser

Finally there is no way to capture the process of a huge work, showing the evolution of sketched lines into finished areas and giving an overview of the finished parts in one shot.… Continue reading