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Can You Hear The Silence? – Teaser

Finally there is no way to capture the process of a huge work, showing the evolution of sketched lines into finished areas and giving an overview of the finished parts in one shot.… Continue reading

Three Headed

More musicians for the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Inkwell.

Das Lied von A Black Hunt, Die Jagd nach dem Feuer

Scroll down for English. Es ist Zeit für ein großes Dankeschön an alle Leser und Unterstützer eines Projektes, welches erst durch die vielen Gedanken und Kopfkinos seiner Konsumenten zu leben beginnt. Ich wollte… Continue reading

Requiem – WIP

Will working on this for a long long time. It’s the biggest project currently and without any priority. I always want to have a big personal project while working on smaller and simpler… Continue reading

Lost – WIP

Some inbetween detail-shots of the current status of this drawing. While searching and finding the characters face, I sketched this piece in charcoal.

Chosen – WIP

Currently working on the next part of A Black Hunt.

The Queen – WIP

While drawing I noticed, that my current project is a good opportunity to show you the process of creating, from sketchy lines to the final shading. For the sketch I used 2B this… Continue reading

Six Headed II – WIP

More musicians for Inkwell. Find the finished heads at our website.

The Ghost – WIP #2

Stardust and nebulae. Trying out something new.  

Waitin’ For The Corvids – WIP

“Glück für alle, umsonst, niemand soll erniedrigt von hier fortgehen!” Arkadi und Boris Strugatzki – “Picknick am Wegesrand” (1971) So many sketches are lying around and want to be painted.

The Ghost – WIP

A dragon appeared last night. Actually he was there for over ten years, but never really captured; a ghost. Dragons are a powerful symbol: they unite the world in their energy, the unbound… Continue reading

The Song of daimon

Creativity is uncontrollable, something unpredictable. It overwhelms you, when you don’t expect it – the reason why I always carry a pencil and paper with me. If I start a new artwork, it’s not often planned… Continue reading

Daimon – WIP #3

Ten Headed – WIP

“But I’m in a trance Hey baby tell me can’t you hear me calling I’m in a trance I wanna try to stop this life” Scorpions – In Trance (1975)   Finished my… Continue reading

Skulls IV – WIP

Started with the next skull-series, this time dry point. Skulls in graphite, ink and tempera.

Daimon – WIP #2

  Finished the Nightwalker and started with the first Ash Dog. Big files are still a challenge: More details, which have to be in harmony at the end with a uniform contrast distribution.

Daimon – WIP

Working on my biggest piece so far, before I’ll start with A1. A triptychon, in total 89,1cm x 42,0cm. Enough space for details in details in details… daimon, ancient greek: δαίμων ‎(daímōn), I) mediator… Continue reading

E.V.E. – WIP

After a lot of sketches of this dream figure and some burning dogs in the past, I started drawing them on A3. I often tried to capture her face, which I saw so… Continue reading