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Loner – WIP#2

Loner – WIP

I often get asked how I could draw such cruel, morbid and bad things. Dead stuff, dark figures, monsters. People come to me, frightened about this dark side and always asking me about… Continue reading

Skulls III – WIP

In sleepless nights I read or I draw. Practically we have our creative Phase between 11pm to 1am. I started painting some skulls in black’n’white with tempera. I’ll show you all of them,… Continue reading

Vogelscheuche – WIP#2

This time more fotos of the same WIP-status. Because of the big size It’s not possible to show you the transition from sketched linework to the final parts and and a complete foto… Continue reading


Based on two of my current projects, I want to show you the difference between two techniques I use to make a background completely grey. For Survivors I use a “rough” shading followed… Continue reading

Survivors – WIP

Vogelscheuche – WIP

Started something that cries around in my head for 1 or 2 years. The file is big enough for some scenery, a bit unexpected for me and totally different to my normal style,… Continue reading

High End – WIP

Started with a selfie today.

Twelve Headed – WIP

Done with my half of the first six works of the next collaboration series. A little quiz: What`s about the names behind the lines? The Resolution will be follow after finishing the series.… Continue reading

Crown – WIP

And, last but not least, the first demon. Coming soon.

The Homeless – WIP #2

The Homeless – WIP

The Second One.

Dark Matter WIPs

The current status of the two A2-projects: almost the entire left side of L’Empire De La Mort is finished yet. I transferred Hou from A4 to A2 and also changed the pose, which fits… Continue reading

L’Empire De la Mort – WIP

Arnold Böcklin’s Plague (“Die Pest”, 1898) and Draco, the seven-headed dragon, a statue of plaster, made by students in the 17th century in Jena/ Germany, connected on a sheet of paper. This time… Continue reading

In Time – WIP

More Work In Progress. I love the new big sizes: more time for losing my self in details. I got used to A3 sizes quickly. So, onwards to A2 and bigger! Another hell… Continue reading

The Protector – WIP

Here we have a begun drawing of a creature, which should be a kind of an incarnation of different symbols, which together form a representation of the human psyche. With a head as a… Continue reading

The Black Dog – WIP

Inspired by Stephen King’s “The Sun Dog”. Coming soon.

Conquer The World With Ink – WIPs

Some WIP-shots of our current ink-series: Conquer The World With Ink. Coming soon. Find Sylinter here.