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Behind the pseudonym TheRequiem13 hides a restless and creative mind, born 1997 in Leipzig, Germany and formally known as Corinna Seifert.

I draw to keep the silence inside my head, giving my thoughts rest by putting them on paper. Preferably with graphite, ink and charcoal. My work is dominated by surreal shapes: creatures formed out of symbols, metaphors and quotes with the typical feature of the contrasts between real and surreal structures and (nature-)historical, time-critical and subconscious themes. Changing known things minimal to interpret the reality.

Since 2010 I’m a member of the Zeichenzirkel Zoo Leipzig. In 2014 I discovered another medium for myself: needles, ink and skin as canvas and started a kind of internship at the Eastside Tattoo LE, which went on for two years and which become the first step of my way as aspiring tattoo-artist.
At the same year, my mess-like-hell-buddy Inken “Sylinter” Stabell and I made our continuing “kollabierenden Collaborations” to a project, we simply called Inkwell and which become an inherent part of our artistic work.
After graduation 2015 and a year of study, I started my life as selfemployed, freelancer and employee and expanded my work at the beginning of 2017 to written pictures and drawn books, firstly published as novel with the title “Die Jagd nach dem Feuer”.

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