Die Geister, die ich rief



Another Commission. graphite | september 2o14 | 26,5cm x 17,6cm

Der Faedenzieher

“Der Faedenzieher” 17,5cm x 29,7 cm | ink | 190 g/cm³ | september 2o14

Dotwork Moth

A kind of brainstorming for a client. Working with another tattoo-artist on the arm-tattoo-design. 21,0cm x 11,5cm | ink | 4 and a half hour | Acherontia lachesis Ref: link

The Dragon

“The Dragon” 21,0cm x 29,7cm | graphite on 190 g/cm³ | august 2o14    

The Dragon – WIP

Vittore Carpaccios ‘St George killing the Dragon’ from 1502-1507, venecia. I love old paintings of dragons and how they reconstructed them with their former anatomical knowledge. Well, that’s my turn, to draw this… Continue reading


No sketches this time, but some photography instead.

Dreamcatcher – Blood and Snow

‘Dreamcatcher – Blood and Snow’ – june/july 14 personal work | 29,7cm x 21,0cm | black and white ink, watercolours Old ideas are the best ideas. This picture was planned for 2 or… Continue reading


“Lügner” may/ june 2o14 | 29,7cm x 21cm | graphite     “The Lie” feb-mar 2013 | 29,7cm x 21,0cm | graphite

Reaching The Stars

“Reaching The Stars” | A present for Farphyni april 2o14 | 29,7cm x 21,0cm | watercolours & ink

Lügner – WIP

A little segment of my current project. Lügner, 29,7cm x 21,0cm, graphite

Black Lines

Some assorted ink sketches from 2o13. “Skin To Bone Steel To Rust Ash To ashes Dust to Dust” Linkin Park – “Skin To Bone” “Wir fahren wohin wir fahren.” Jurek Becker “Er traf… Continue reading