I had to process a lot after reading and watching Thomas Harris’ Hannibal-story. That’s what comes out. An older work from october 2o13. “Cannibalism” | october 2o13 29,7cm x 21,0cm | watercolours &… Continue reading

Sketch ‘n’ WIPs

The Oath

an escalated sketch “The Oath” | january 2o14 | 29,7cm x 21,0cm | ink


“Belagerer” 21,0cm x 29,7cm |  december 2o13 | graphite You can find the first drawing “Devour” (march 2o13) here & here. And the “october-sketch” (october 2o12) here.   “I’m my own worst enemy.” ○ “Reise Reise Seemann Reise… Continue reading

A Dragons Dream

Scribbling at the way to the top of the Brocken in 2012 and with my brother and Farphyni in 2013. Strangely there is only one sketch, which captured this time and which was… Continue reading

Belagerer – WIP#2

WIP #2 because I can..

Portrait – Friendship

Commission | november-december 2o13 21,0cm x 29,7cm | graphite

Belagerer – WIP

The Beginning of the end. The first drawing of the last redraw-series of the october-sketches. Will coming soon.


“Uncover our heads and reveal our souls We were hungry before we were born.” Fever Ray – Keep the Streets Empty for Me I’ve decided to publish these old sketches, which were the… Continue reading


The first article of a spontaneous project. Maybe I’ll give it a try. Well, this will be an art blog. I’m not able to explain my work, so it has more potential as a… Continue reading