Chernaya Rekha

Chernaya Rekha 2018 19cm x 29cm | 29,7cm x 42,0cm graphite and gold leaf “Denn tausend Jahre sind vor dir wie der Tag, der gestern vergangen ist, und wie eine Nachtwache. Du lässt… Continue reading

Black Hands

“Black Hands” 2018 40cm x 30cm Acrylics on canvas “Die Stunde Des großen Glückes Ist nun vorbei. Still wie des Meeres Spiegel Bei Ebbe Ist deine Seele. Ein leichter Windstoß Nur kräuselt noch… Continue reading

Ta Eschata – WIP

Mea Culpa

Mea Culpa (Burning Dog XIII) 2017/18 28,6cm x 38cm graphite  

Inkwell at Musikhaus Korn – Update

New frames and arrangement! We are happy to announce, that our presence at Musikhaus Korn continues. There are still works available. Because of reasons of space, we have resorted to small frames for… Continue reading

Black Hands (2023)

“I saw many children crying for their mother. Right from where the sleeves stopped, the skin fell from their arms and hands. So they walked around [stretching out his arms], almost like ghosts.… Continue reading

Burning Dog XIII – WIP

“Ich bin mein Himmel und meine Hölle.” Friedrich Schiller – Die Räuber IV, 5/ Moor


“Woe to you depraved souls! Bury Here and forever all hope of Paradise: I come to lead you to the other shore, Into eternal dark, into fire and ice.” Dante Alighieri – “La… Continue reading


Requiem 59,4cm x 42,0cm 2017 graphite N/A

Silentium – WIP #3

Labyrinth II

“There’s a silence surrounding me, I can’t seem to think straight, I’ll sit in the corner, No one can bother me.” Pink Floyd – Keep Talking (1994)  


Labyrinth october 2017 graphite “Ne puet noier qui doit pendre.” (afz.) Wer hängt, kann nicht ertrinken. Who hangs can not drown. Altes germanisch/romanisches Sprichwort. Old germanic/romance saying.