Plusieurs change/Sigma

Searching for faces, which can express those vanishing shapes in my dreams. I’m combining different characteristics, but had a lot of different people in the end. It is as if I had done… Continue reading


“Rho” sept-oct ’17 29,2cm x 42,4cm graphite

Of the Living and the Dead

“We don’t live on this earth, but in our dreams, in our conversations. Because you need to add something to this ordinary life, in order to understand it. Even when you’re near death.”… Continue reading

White Crows, Black Sheeps

Can You Hear The Silence? – WIP

Finally there is no way to capture the process of a huge work, showing the evolution of sketched lines into finished areas and giving an overview of the finished parts in one shot.… Continue reading

Wo man singt

“Wo man singt, da lass dich nieder Böse Menschen kennen keine Lieder.” Volksmund “Die Gesänge” (1804)/ Johann Gottfried Seume Sketch in charcoal and graphite, size A4 from july.        


898887 2017 32,5cm x 29,7cm graphite “Ich sah unter dem Altar die Seelen derer, die erwürgt waren um des Wortes Gottes willen und um des Zeugnisses willen, das sie gegeben hatten.” Die Offenbarung… Continue reading

Three Headed

More musicians for the Rock’n’Roll Hall of Inkwell.

Das Lied von A Black Hunt, Die Jagd nach dem Feuer

Scroll down for English. Es ist Zeit für ein großes Dankeschön an alle Leser und Unterstützer eines Projektes, welches erst durch die vielen Gedanken und Kopfkinos seiner Konsumenten zu leben beginnt. Ich wollte… Continue reading


“Dreifaltigkeit” june-july 2017 21,0cm x 29,7cm graphite and gold leaf   Process gif.   WIPs.   Goldleaf Detail.

Polska Walczy Sketches

Brainstorming/concept sketches for an upcoming Warsaw Uprising 1944 – themed project. Still missing something. The skull as symbol for this part in history seems to easy, superficial and inappropiate. I want to use… Continue reading


“I find new heart each time I think upon that windy day And if one day she comes to you Drink deeply from her words so wise Take courage from her as your… Continue reading