Requiem – WIP

Will working on this for a long long time. It’s the biggest project currently and without any priority. I always want to have a big personal project while working on smaller and simpler… Continue reading

Inkwell at Musikhaus Korn

Some of our musician portraits are now available at Musikhaus Korn. Leipzig Zentrum Brühl 65 04109 Leipzig Mo-Fr: 10:00 – 18:30 Uhr | Sa: 10:00 – 16:00 Uhr Find our website at… Continue reading

Tattoo WIP

As child I loved the old books about the old germanic gods and heroes, the russian tales and legends. The Old German Writing was familiar than the simplified one, I learned at school… Continue reading

A Black Hunt V

“Wenn das Licht von tausend Sonnen am Himmel plötzlich brach hervor, das wäre gleich dem Ganzen dieses Herrlichen.” Bhagavad-Gita “Flying” 29,7cm x 21,0cm february 2017 graphite “Survivor” 21,0cm x 29,7cm february 2017 graphite… Continue reading

Die Jagd nach dem Feuer

Mein bisher größtes Projekt findet ein Ende in Vollendung. Das erste Mal, dass ein Text dominiert und von Bildern vervollständigt wird. Das Resultat: ein Roman, bestehend aus 758 Seiten und 14 Illustrationen in Graphit.… Continue reading

Written pages, drawn books

Something huge is coming. Soon.  

Upcoming show at Musikhaus Korn

Testing some frames and passepartout at Leipziger Kunst Galerie. Our musician portraits of Art of Inkwell will be exhibited and for sale at Musikhaus Korn in the near future. More Info coming soon. Leipzig… Continue reading

Der Leere Schrei Sketches

Some preparatory sketches for an upcoming A2-drawing. I noticed that my details were random in the past, so I thought of some modern dinosaur feet and experimented with anatomy, although I just searched… Continue reading

A Black Hunt IV

“Out” 21,0cm x 29,7cm january 2017 graphite “The Search” 21,0cm x 29,7cm january – february 2017 graphite “Keeper” 21,0cm x 29,7cm february 2017 graphite


Second easel, more brushes, new canvases and colours and another lamp. Happy Birthday me. It’s a lot to do now: Can’t wait to finish the book(illustrations) and going back to the big sizes… Continue reading

A Black Hunt III

“Hunter II” 21,0cm x 29,7cm january 2017 graphite “Chosen” 21,0cm x 29,7cm january 2017 graphite “Lost” 21,0cm x 29,7cm january 2017 graphite

Lost – WIP

While working, I had the inspiration, to show you again my different, chaotic steps of creating a drawing. With each new work, I’m experimenting with concept, shadows and lights, as well as structures. This time,… Continue reading