Waitin’ For The Corvids II


Chosen – WIP

Currently working on Part two of A Black Hunt III.

Fischköppe – Sketches

Some dragon-fish-fun-drawings from the past month.

A Black Hunt II

“Traveler” 29,7cm x 21,0cm december 2016 graphite “Iskra” 21,0cm x 29,7cm december 2016 graphite “Fischköppe” 21,0cm x 29,7cm december 2016 – january 2017 graphite

At the Inkwell Headquarters – Part II

“Вот и лето прошло, Словно и не бывало. На пригреве тепло. Только этого мало.” “So summer is gone, leaving no epitaph. It’s still warm in the sun, only that’s not enough.” Арсений Тарковский… Continue reading

Iskra – WIP

  Half done with the next series. Capturing a person, who only consists of sentences and letters is a completely new experience and I’m surprised how easy drawing people from mind has become for me. Although… Continue reading

A Black Hunt I

Hunter december 2016 21,0cm x 29,7cm graphite “Let’s be quiet together.” Leonard Cohen – “The Favourite Game” (1963) Hüterin december 2016 21,0cm x 29,7cm graphite “When I let go of what I am,… Continue reading

The Queen – WIP

While drawing I noticed, that my current project is a good opportunity to show you the process of creating, from sketchy lines to the final shading. For the sketch I used 2B this… Continue reading


Besides the cities, worlds of streets and constructions of steel, nature gives us rest – a special inner peace and balance. Living between tracks and human traces give a different kind of peace: the… Continue reading

Birds & Compass

More Tattoo-exercises.

Hinter Den Spiegeln II

Hinter Den Spiegeln II November 2016 30cm x 40cm acrylics on canvas on board “What shall we use To fill the empty spaces Where we used to talk? How shall I fill The… Continue reading

Hinter den Spiegeln

“Don’t forget that I cannot see myself, that my role is limited to being the one who looks in the mirror.” Jacques Rigaut Still trying to capture a dream figure. It’s difficult to… Continue reading