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Miniatur Bullterrier Design

Golden Retriever Design

Commission work for LilaHund label: Merchandising design for dog breeders with various products.

Deutscher Pinscher Design

Dogo Argentino Design

  Dogo Argentino Design 2019 Mixed Media   Draft and design variations for shirts and textiles. Done for LilaHund. Commission work.

Nebelreich Projekt – Logo & Merchandising

  Nebelreich Projekt Logo & Merchandising Design 2019/20 Vector Logo and Merchandising design for Nebelreich Projekt. First shirt design “Flammentanz” is now available. Printed by Textilschmiede.

Doberman Design

  Doberman Design 2018 Mixed Media   Part of a series of merchandising designs of different dog breeds for various products. For LilaHund. Commission work.

Dackel Design

Ink and Vector
Commision Work

Dog Breeds Design Sketches

Three drafts for the final vector and as preliminary stage of further designs.

Logo Design Dog Breeds

Mink Skull Anatomy

  Mink Skull Anatomy 2020 vector

Mink Skull Anatomy – WIP

Anatomy of a mink skull is in the making.